I don’t typically accept usual photography requests due to my packed schedule (plus if that’s what you need, you can probably find many affordable options from photography studios around). However, I will consider requests for commissioning and collaboration.

Commission/Consultation: When you have a specific idea in mind and you want to work with me to execute it to fulfil your objective. Or if you need me to give input to help conceptualise certain things in line with my area of knowledge/expertise for your brand/organisation.
Disclaimer–there’s a fee and I don’t do for exposure since I actually have a lot of things on my personal “to-do list”. This is not a photo shoot request, this is a concept artwork creation request.

My images are not stock images, so no manipulation or alternation to any of my images under any circumstance is allowed. Artist’s moral right is something I feel very strongly about.

Collaboration: When you have a specific area of expert knowledge in history or culture and would like to work with me to educate and spread that knowledge with me. Only content collaboration at this point (other types such as photography and make-up collaboration requests are a bit tricky since I do all of them myself. But if you feel strongly that we have a match, just drop me a mail and we’ll see where fate takes us!). I am not really looking for models, I will have an open call for them if I need and you would need to go through interviews and selections. If you really want a photoshoot, please consider paying for it at a studio. =]

You can write to me at hanfugirl@gmail.com!

Otherwise, just sit up and enjoy the content I’m bringing you! 🙂

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