Commission Portfolio

To commission culturally-inspired personal concept shoots or commercial shoots, please email  at least 3 months before your expected date of shoot.

To propose collaborations, please email your concept proposal and timeline. Due to my other planned activities and schedules, the earliest collaboration could only take place in Q4 2020, and please allow at least 6 months of discussions before the actual execution of collaboration. I typically only work on content-related collaboration, so no product placement or free photoshoot for exposure type of collaborations–these are all considered commercial requests.

MoonFest @ Esplanade

Before Cheongsam: 2,000 years of Chinese fashion (performance)

Evolution of the Traditional Chinese Dress (exhibition)

MoonFest @ Esplanade

Legendary Looks: A Second Glance at China’s Four Beauties (performance)

Hipster Fashion Trends of Ancient China (talk)

Gardens by the Bay (social media publicity)


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