Photoshoots & Concept Shoots

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Besides traditional and ancient Chinese makeovers and shoots either based on fantasy themes, crossover themes, fusion themes or historical themes, I also work on modern shoots incorporating ancient themes.

I only do indoor shoots in Singapore, and I can arrange for outdoor shoots in anywhere in the world where the temperature is <20 degrees (basic comfort is important! =] ). Some of the images in my portfolio were taken in Beijing, Qinghai, Yunnan, Paris, Rome etc. so I’m open to overseas shoots or outdoor shoots if the temperature is bearable and the scenery worth it.

I have my own indoor shoot location which is FOC to use for shoots, and I can source for other alternatives (depending on the suitability) or you could discuss with me on a shoot at your chosen venue (transport costs would apply for off-site indoor shoots).

Rates below for greater transparency and decision making. You might be intrigued by the ‘Try luck tax”–it wouldn’t affect you if you are not asking me to lower my fee or give you additional images beyond what has been stated on the list below. I generally do not have a lot of time to entertain bargainers, so this mainly serves as a deterrence.

Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 11.24.42 AM.png

If you have an antique dress or some rare collection antique accessories which you would absolutely love to be dressed in, we can also do just the conceptualisation, photography and post-production without the dress and accessories rental. But please write to me at hanfugirl@gmail.com with the respective images of the dress(es) and accessories and I can provide a suitable quote for it.

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