Due to limited shipping options and high cost as a result of COVID-19, and also other distractions in life (such as having a newborn and adjusting to motherhood), will only update this in 2021.

Good things are worth waiting for, this shop is for those with great patience as most items are either made to order or unique pieces which are added at random times of the year. So do come back once in a while and if it is fated that the item should belong to you, it will be here for you.

I don’t like meaningless consumption, so everything sold here would be accompanied by a write-up of its historical origin and why it was modified to the current form it is here. Trust me, even though the object more than fulfills its role as a brilliant piece of decoration or accessory, it makes an even more interesting conversation topic at events. So do take the time to learn the stories behind it!

Shipping outside of Singapore and gift wrap options available can be added separately. I ship worldwide. If you wish to save the environment, I am more than happy to meet up in person for the delivery in town.


Handcrafted accessories based on China’s intangible cultural heritage craft techniques by individual craftsmen and women. To ensure fair trade and remuneration, I do not go to factory productions for these commissioned works, but work with craftspeople directly. And most importantly, I do not bargain with them.


Coming soon. Gold-gilded filigree and cloisonne jewellery pieces inspired by Tang and Qing dynasty motifs and artefacts.

Stylist’s Own

Coming soon. “Stylist’s own” unique items acquired by Hanfugirl. Limited quantities (usually unique pieces) available for sale.

Hanfugirls’ Collectibles

Specially produced affordable collectibles that are educational and fun. All profits will go towards supporting upcoming productions and content creations (venue rental, content research, artist fee for musicians and dancers, costume purchase, props and set creation etc.). Arts and heritage patronage are essential to the development and sustainability of any practitioner and industry.

Shipping & Duration (Outside of Singapore)

Estimated shipping duration for various countries are as follows:

Malaysia & Brunei (4-6 days)

ZONE 2 & 3
Asia and the Pacific (4-8 days)

Europe (5-7 days)
UK (4-6 days)
USA (6-8 days)

I will send you an email when the item is shipped so you can expect it in your mailbox soon!

Terms & Conditions

– Hand-crafted items are all unique, and would not look identical from the display image. By purchasing made-to-order hand-crafted items, you are agreeing that no change, cancellation, or refund if possible after payment except for large defects (i.e. damage or functional issue).

– Unique piece items (if stated as so) are all the exact item in the image. It would not be possible to order more than 1 piece.

– Duration of waiting for hand-crafted items might be longer than indicated based on the number of pending orders. An email will be sent to you with the expected waiting duration upon payment and should you not wish to proceed with the order due to time urgency (if it is beyond the originally stated duration on this page), I would be happy to issue you an instant refund.

– All items sold are non-refundable or exchangeable.

– Any design produced by us for you will remain our intellectual property and may not be used in any other form without our prior consent.

– We may occasionally use and/or feature custom made designs that we’ve previously produced in our other items, websites, exhibitions, showcases, pitches and portfolio. If you would prefer to opt-out or keep your relationship with us discreet, please let us know by clearly stating on your very first order request email. Different rates apply to bespoke and confidential designs.

– There is no warranty provided for all items and the ideal condition for keeping and handling of these items would be explained to the best of our knowledge and ability.

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